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Inca Roads™ LLC

A woman-owned small business enterprise specializing in roadway and pavement management.

Inca Roads is an engineering, surveying, and inspection services firm serving the oil and gas, transportation, and construction industries. Bringing together experience from both design and construction perspectives, Inca Roads is uniquely qualified to assist our clients with all aspects of roadway and pavement management including Pavement Condition Surveys, Road Safety Assessments and Asset Management.

Beyond our extensive experience with road and pavement conditions, Inca Roads is distinguished from other consultants in that we understand the maintenance of pavements and provide expertise in roadway design, specifications, and construction inspection services.

The Inca Road System

Try to imagine building a road in the mountains at 16,000 feet without modern tools or survey equipment. The Incas did it over 500 years ago, and many of their roads survive today. The Incas were at one time the largest empire in the Americas. They flourished for over 100 years and left behind an incredible road system. Inca roads tended to follow natural contours and were very well-constructed with frequent drains and culverts to collect rainwater from the road surface, channeling it either along or under the road. 7,500 miles have survived modern infrastructure and are still used by pedestrians, especially near sites such as Machu Picchu. Some of the original Inca routes have had modern roads built directly over them, illustrating the skills and vision for crossing terrain and distances possessed by Inca engineers and road builders.

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